The Top 5 Cyclists of All-Time (according to me…) Part 3 – David Millar


I’ve been following cycling since I was plonked in front of the Channel 4 programme back in 1997, the year that Jan Ulrich won his Tour. The following year I followed the whole thing and saw Marco Pantani zoom off and win.

This list is those that have captured my attention and been the stuff of dreams ever since!

3 – David Millar

I’ll be honest here, I lost touch with cycling a bit in the early 00s, it had reached a similar situation to Formula 1 where one guy, in the best team with the best technology just romped home every year. The Tour as a spectacle was finished. As it was, I first picked up on the David Millar story on his Tour comeback with Saunier Duval.

Millar StyleHere was a guy with a point to prove and he was the first rider I remember being bluntly outspoken about the effects of doping. People asking stupid questions were told where to go and he put in a decent performance.

Since then he’s been the pinnacle of the reformed doper, coming back to the peleton to clean it up. In my mind he will always be a cut above those who denied it and denied it for years like a Landis or Armstrong, he is still one of the few doping cases I can think of where he owned up pretty much straight away and to me this shows an awful lot about Millar’s character.

As a rider he’s become an elite domestique, capable of a good result on his day in almost any field but usually seen marshalling the Garmin troops. David Millar is the only rider in the peleton that you could see fronting an indie band or becoming a tortured novellist, this is what makes him stand out, a rider with a deep complex brooding personality. I would definitely want him on my side.


3 thoughts on “The Top 5 Cyclists of All-Time (according to me…) Part 3 – David Millar

    • It’s why he was a conundrum for the ‘no former dopers can be British Olympians’ rule. Some people were set on wanting it to be just for the clean atheletes regardless of anything else (one strike and you’re out) whereas Millar obviously doped but has done so much since in the anti-doping fight that it comes close to cancelling it out. I choose to focus on the good.

      I’ll always be a fan of the punchy Millar breakaway and every now and again it does come good!

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